Who We are & 

what we believe


Who We Are

The 100% Campaign is bringing Minnesotans together – people just like you – who believe we need an equitable clean energy future for everyone in our state.

With both organizational partners and individual endorsees, the 100% Campaign is grounded in the idea that “to change everything, we need everyone”. We are organizing a cross-sector, statewide, multi-racial, intersectional campaign to build an equitable clean energy economy that works for everyone in Minnesota.

We believe that Minnesotans must act now to ensure our well-being for generations to come. To do that, we must:

  • Transition to safe, clean, locally-made energy solutions at scale and as quickly as we can.

  • Create solutions that work for all Minnesotans across race, gender, class, and place

  • Encourage public & private investments, expand worker training, and create new energy solutions that save us money

  • Strengthen all communities that are impacted by pollution or the transition away from fossil fuels

What We Are Doing

Our future belongs to us, but it won’t happen without action that is urgent, intentional, and inclusive.  We are committed to:

  • Tell our own stories and talk with our own people about equitable clean energy solutions at scale

  • Listen to each other about what we need from a transition to a 100% equitable and clean energy future

  • Act from our values and speak from our own point of view

  • Advocate for equitable clean energy solutions at scale

For more on what you can do, click here.