Policy Platform


Minnesotans aren’t afraid to lead.

In science. In education. In business or politics. When Minnesota leads with our values, the whole country does better. The future looks brighter.

We can create an equitable clean energy economy, if we demand it.

To accomplish it, there are five policy directions that we need to lead:

Renewables: We must accelerate as quickly as possible our transition to equitable renewable energy for everyone across the state.

Efficiency: We must strengthen our commitment to making all our buildings more efficient while creating equitable pathways to sustainable, high wage work.

Sequestration: We must improve our land, water, & air while decarbonizing by promoting healthy forestry and land use in urban, suburban, & greater Minnesota.

Electrification: We must invest in beneficial electrification, prioritizing our low-income, rural, and most-impacted communities.

Transition & Adaptation: We must protect our communities that are impacted directly by pollution or the transition away from fossil fuels.