Beatel, Apple Valley


I gave up my car, now I’m helping my grandkids learn about public transit.

How have you experienced climate change in your own life?

It's a lot hotter, the storms are more violent. Climate change has made a huge impact on our weather.

How do you feel about climate change?

I feel so sad. The things I can do to help are small. None of us can make the change we need alone, but we can all do a little bit.

How can you build power to make change?

I gave my car away. I couldn't drive anymore because of my vision, but I have kind of loved transitioning to public transit and the environmental impact is a real bonus. Now I encourage everyone I know to do it. I have been telling my grandkids that not only is this better for the environment, it will save them tens of thousands of dollars over their lives, not centering their whole existence around a car. I even bought them bus cards and take them on the bus with me.

Who would we be as Minnesotans if we did that, together?

There would have to be a big awakening in the hearts of people. Some people just don't want to change. But we could prove to each other that we can. That would be powerful.

Ashley Fairbanks