Akira, Minneapolis


If we acted to end climate change, we’d be more respectful of indigenous people.

How have you experienced climate change in your own life?

I've experienced climate change in the sense that I've seen that access to certain parts of nature diminishing. Not being able to be in certain lakes, rivers and streams because of pollution, for example.

How can you build power to make change?

I'm willing to start conversations and be a part of moments that seek to combat climate change from an environmental justice framework. I have already talked with people about environmental justice and I think it needs to continue to be centered in any discussion around our issues.

Who would we be as Minnesotans if we did that, together?

We would be more respectful of Indigenous communities and their rights. Minnesota would not be tolerating the disproportionate opppression of communities of color and low-income communties through exposure to pollution.

Ashley Fairbanks